Oh So Uncultured

Thursday Jan 26th –

We had a mission.

One of our weddings adventure suggestions (submitted by the lovely Carmen) was to go find a specific grave of Canadian soldier, John Cooke, at the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery and Memorial .

We decided it would be an interesting thing to do with Zoe and from there we went into Nijmegen, a town that was new for Mike and I as well.

Where our first stop was for Kibbeling, the fish we hadn’t eaten since last spring when Dad and Mom were out and we ate so much of it, that it had sounded repelling ever since 😝

Until now…

A little shop was selling it, we were all hungry, we knew it was a nice thing for visitors to try and we figured we could probably eat a piece or two ourselves without being disgusted and it turns out we were right.

Our repulsion of Kibbeling is officially over!

It was enjoyed by all and then we journeyed on, exploring what the town had to offer. Continue reading “Oh So Uncultured”

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