A Sophisticated Blending Of Coconut, Sandalwood And Bird Poo

Thursday Jan 12th –




Mike was going to be working from the office but due to traffic he ended up staying at the house to work.

I’d left the majority of unpacking to do while he wasn’t at the house but it seemed like that wouldn’t be happening, so I got it done that morning while he did some emails and then we headed out to do some shopping 😏

I was cold and Mike took note and found an actual, indoor shopping centre 😳
I didn’t even know those existed here!

We went and it was fruitless… at least in the clothing area.
I just can’t adjust to the style here and most of the stores Mike would point me too had shoppers who’d be getting a seniors discount 🙈

We did find flowers though 😁

Lovely, large, pink and white ranunculus and orchids came back to the apartment with us💕👌🏻💐
We left the pointless clothing mall after getting some very non pointless nutrition.
Loempias 😍

Whenever we do eventually move to Canada, I’m pretty sure we will need to invent a freezer bag style suitcase to take a supply of foods there with us 😜🛍🌯🍫🍬🥙 Continue reading “A Sophisticated Blending Of Coconut, Sandalwood And Bird Poo”

My First Pomelo And A Vase Of Yellow (ish)

Sunday Oct 30th –




Last Sunday we woke up too late, this Sunday it was too early 🙄

Our neighbour below enjoys his music played loudly and at 6:30 am it was frustrating Mike so he got up and ready to go knock on their door but then decided not to.
Him getting up, woke me up… a whole hour to early 😳😠

The new coffee beans got tested and they were a whole lot better than the others, but not as good as the ones before 😕
I think this ‘finding new beans’ will be a long process ☕️

We left and I got to hold cupcakes for the hour long drive 😋

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