A Desk Do Over

A 'do it yourself' that I supposedly didn’t really 'do much to' myself, according to Mike πŸ€ͺ But none the less, I wanted to take you through the process of my finally getting a desk for my craft room! We found this table at the Mac house and I was immediately taken with it 😍 [...]

A Pain In The Neck And Clouds In The Sky

Friday June 9th - I awoke and carried out my usual morning routine. Going upstairs to sit and drink some coffee while fully waking up. I woke up too late for the first pot of coffee so after sitting coffee-less for a few minutes and deciding that just wouldn't do, I stood up, stretched and... [...]

An Excited Scone And Annie Sloan

Thursday Aug 25th -     Mike was working at the office again so I took a relaxed pace to my morning. Getting the cold coffee he had bought me the day before and seeing how it tasted while watching a morning Murdoch Mystery to help wake me and keep up to where mom and [...]