A Pop Of Color, Whereupon To Perch

Some spare bar stools were purchased from you guessed it, the Facebook market place 🤪👍🏻


Though officially our kitchen island only fits four, we’ve had one extra person/mini person sit on each end during visits, so we needed the extra bum rests😜

This specific makeover took an oddly long span of time for me to actually get at and tackle but I’m so pleased with the results 🤓👌🏻🛠 Continue reading “A Pop Of Color, Whereupon To Perch”

A Desk Do Over

A ‘do it yourself’ that I supposedly didn’t really ‘do much to’ myself, according to Mike 🤪
But none the less, I wanted to take you through the process of my finally getting a desk for my craft room!

We found this table at the Mac house and I was immediately taken with it 😍
I love the unique legs and the fact that I can use the table as one larger square table or as two smaller ones.

I started off by sanding it down and washing them. Continue reading “A Desk Do Over”

Art For Afar

Just a little peek at a custom order that I recently completed ☺

I SO appreciate the support and can’t thank you’s enough for taking the time to purchase some of my work 💕

I loved this order for the fact that the verses were picked out personally but the freedom of design and color was pretty much left up to me and my imagination, after some slight consultation with the buyer 😉

– Psalms 147:4 –



Continue reading “Art For Afar”

Bible Lettering Outcome

As promised, the art pieces I created while following the 30 Days Of Bible Lettering Challenge.

If you follow Jemstory on Instagram, then you probably already seen these but for those of you who do not, well, here they are 😊

Psalms 46:1-3




Phil 4:6

Continue reading “Bible Lettering Outcome”

A Pain In The Neck And Clouds In The Sky

Friday June 9th –

I awoke and carried out my usual morning routine.
Going upstairs to sit and drink some coffee while fully waking up.
I woke up too late for the first pot of coffee so after sitting coffee-less for a few minutes and deciding that just wouldn’t do, I stood up, stretched and… could suddenly no longer move my neck without immense, pinching, burning pain shooting through to the base of my skull???

Coffee was forgotten… which in itself tells the severity of the matter.

I stiffly stood where I was and told Mother about the pain I was feeling while I attempted and brutally failed, to turn my neck past centre left.
I could only turn right and even the littlest bit of tightening my neck muscles caused almost tear inducing pain.
And I don’t cry easily.
I don’t mean that crassly or boastfully, it’s just how I roll 😜

Good ol’google told me it was a pinched nerve and a ‘nurse to be’ friend gave me prescription advice of Advil etc. and a heated wheat bag 😋

Laying hurt, as I had to tense my neck to rise and fall, so I sat.
I’d had plans to accomplish things but the neck thing was prohibiting and I suddenly had much sympathy for those who suffer much worse injuries.

Mom made coffee and I sipped it cautiously, trying to relax all muscles and becoming aware of how tricky that was to do 😜

Eating leftover turtle cheesecake for breakfast helped though 😉🍰

The sister and her ‘smart little dumb things’ (a wonderful term she came up with 😋) were flying back to their home that afternoon, so it was a morning of last minute packing and preparing. Continue reading “A Pain In The Neck And Clouds In The Sky”

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