Our First Days Learning The SA Ways

Friday March 17th –

We slept fitfully until around 8:30 am.
I woke up with a headache due to some allergies still hanging on but other than that it had been a great sleep.
As soon as Mike and I were ready to go out, we four headed for breakfast.
Our hosts were maybe regretting telling us to sleep until we wanted, because they were ready to eat 😜

‘Pajamas and Jam’ was the restaurant they took us to and I think it was easily one of tastiest, most interesting restaurants we’ve been to. Ever.

It used to be a scrap shop and they converted it into a bit of a restaurant/store, keeping the style of scarp/antique ish decor.

Desserts made right there, graced display tables near the entrance.
An eclectic energy surrounded us as we sipped our lemon grass and spinach juices and enjoyed their taste, which I described as a deliciously sweet yard in our mouth 😋

Breakfasts were ordered and after much contemplation over the large and interesting selection, I opted for the semi adventurous option, the Super Bowl.

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