An Agent For Travel And A Well For Wishing

Monday June 19th –




Hubby didn’t think he was needed at work and then he was, so he left late morning and I went out to mow lawns while the sun actually peered out for a change.

Though chilly when the clouds passed by, they were pretty, big, fluffy ones and with the blue sky, sunshine and green grass, it made for a pretty scene.



I had to leave part of one lawn uncut in attempt to keep the production rate high in a wild strawberry patch that’s spread out the last couple of years.


Not much in the fruit family tastes as good as those minuscule, fresh, wild strawberries in my opinion ❤️

Lawns were finished up, lunch eaten and then Mother and I went to town for a 5.5 km walk/jog.
(Keeping a wary eye out for the bear supposedly spotted in town.)

It was then time for me to put the first coat of color on the vanity. Continue reading “An Agent For Travel And A Well For Wishing”

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