A Tropical Welcome!

Well, an occasion occurred this week, which I wasn’t ever really considering as a future event in my life… our baby shower!

In Canada, it is more customary to have a shower AFTER the baby arrives but due to me being someone who does much better with time to prepare, wanting to be able to enjoy the shower rather than be learning the new baby ropes during a celebration, having summer weather to enjoy and covid being a weird post baby thing to factor in, we opted to have it pre baby H’s arrival 😉

I’m so happy we did and thankful for each one accepted the ‘out of the ordinary’ and made the time and effort to make it such a special day ☺️💗

To begin with… the theme, location and wording needed to fill out the information for the invitation was decided upon.

Obviously, ‘tropical’ was what we went with 😉

I didn’t have to do very much for this event, for which I truly do feel rather guilty about.
The sister and mumsie gathered decorations, worked on the details, recipes, food planning, games and all else that goes into hosting such a soiree.

Not to mention all of the outdoor work and preparation that Mom and all the family members put in 💗

On the Monday before the shower, I treated us girls to manicures and ice cream as a pre shower treat… even though ‘post baby shower’ back massage trading, is probably in our futures as well 😜

Wednesday came with some balloon blowing up, thoughts on deck seating arrangements and a game plan for the following morning.

That night and I’m sure before as well, I have no doubt prayers were going up all around us for nice weather.
The forecast had been bouncing back and forth between full rain, part rain, cloud, full cloud, part sun… you get the idea 🤪

What we got was a nice, cool, clouded morning for set up and then a perfect mix of sunshine, blue skies and fluffy clouds, with a hinting of a breeze come start time ☺️
Making for a absolutely, perfectly comfortable (and bug free) environment 🙌🏻

Using a mixture of leftover balloons from my wedding and some new color assortments, my sister rigged up this awesome display ☺️

Painted cardboard cutouts made up the backdrops base and then balloons strung together with fishing string were added using all means of adhesion 🤪
String, tape, wire etc.
Greenery and tassels were added in accordingly and how I wish balloons would last and that the whole thing could be transferred to the babes room to be.

Mumsie and the sister-in-law worked tirelessly on deck and house prep.
Chair placing, table arranging, deck furniture wipe downs, bug prevention, food layout and all else!

It takes a village to raise a child they say… but I think also to throw the pre party 😬🙈

We even had time to sit and rest up, get in a back massage and change outfits, before guests began arriving at 3:00 o’clock ☺️

It was a potluck style spread of edible enjoyments, both savoury and sweet 🍽

Refreshments aside from water, were a coffee punch and sparkling peach lemonade 🍋🍑🥤

The ‘event’ began with a welcome, a prayer and then the indulgence of enjoying all the fare.

Following that, the first game was passed out.

The winning guest matched 7 of the 15 language/word combinations 😉
I did a trial run of the game pre party and got ONE right… mostly by accident 😂

Next up was the play dough game.
Everyone was separated into groups and given a couple colors of play dough.
They were then given instructions and a 5 minute timer began.
Each team had to create a baby and then whatever embellishments they wanted and or could accomplish in their time limit.

It was then left up to me to judge which one I considered to be the best… and the worst 😂

The one on the very bottom being the chosen winner and the middle-ish/to the right, being picked as, the least appealing.

After laughter subsided and belly’s were satisfied, gift opening began… and continued… and continued!

I was truly blown away by people’s generosity.
Not only in the gifting but in the efforts made to come, food that was brought and the overall feeling of love and support… and the many uplifting compliments on ‘the bump’…which is truly such a nice term when in reality it could be called such things as, ‘the protrusion’ or ‘the beach ball’ for example 😂

Mingling and munching continued on throughout the time together. It was a very enjoyable day and I felt very spoiled, thankful and blessed 💗

(If you were able to attend and have pictures, I’d love it if you could send any! ☺️)

So, in conclusion… little bebe will not have to go without and this mom to be, can rest easy in checking items off the list and knowing what’s left to get in order to be prepared 🤓👍🏻

Thank you SO, so much to everyone who made this special celebration possible!


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