Click And Collect

Tuesday Nov 28th - Pie number two began its transformation from ingredients to a plate-able experience. Peanut butter filling with a chocolate crumb crust 🥜🍫🥧   Amidst the making of that, I shopped some of the remaining sales available online, still searching for a reasonably priced/correct size bench for our entryway. To no avail. Hubster [...]

Color Picking With The Color Blind

Monday October 11th -     Unpacking, laundry and writing filled my Monday. I don't remember what I ate or anything in between so this will be a very short daily post😜 Lisanne and Amy were over so I sat and drew with them for a few minutes, communicating as much as fake sign language [...]

Title Not Forthcoming

Thursday Sept 29th - Breakfast was some warmed up to perfection, poppy seed bread ❤️ It's such a sad thing finding a food to love actually. It's something to be enjoyed and dreamt of forever after, always thought of fondly and with a watering mouth, but nothing else even slightly similar will ever be as [...]