Repetitions Of Our Past

April 26th –


Another morning filled with writing and posting etc, before heading out for a walk with Inge, while Mich, you guessed it, painted 🤪


Here is an outlining of the little journey Inge and I went on☺️

It was rather windy at times but the sunshine was warm and the pace steady, so it was a nice day for a walk.

The birdsong in Holland always sounded so tropical to me and the spring here is much more summer like then a Saskatchewan spring ever is, so that’s a big bonus 🤪👍🏻



We trekked by the highway, in the trees and by the river, taking a ferry across at one point and then eventually stopping for ice cream 😉🍦

A couple that Inge knew actually showed up at the ice cream shop and it just so happened they were headed back to Doesburg afterwords as well, so we were able to get a ride back from them, rather than take the bus 💁🏻‍♀️

We sat outside awhile, enjoying some more of the sunshine within the wind guarded walls of the seating area outside and then an assortment of food was ordered for dinner. Chinese spring roll for them and more nasi balls for me 🤪


April 27th –

I finally had the hubby find his moms old coffee pot and brew me some coffee using the Starbucks coffee grounds we had brought with us 💕

The big mug filled with the non foamy topped coffee made my Saturday morning 👌🏻🤪

It was Kings Day in Holland… when markets happen and celebratory entertainment goes on.
Usually 🤪
But it was raining and Doesburg isn’t a huge town, so not much at all was happening 🙈


To sooth Mikes disappointment in the lack of his hometowns patriotism, we went to the snack bar 😂👌🏻

Being the kind supportive wife I am, I also ate with him so he wouldn’t feel alone 🤪


Since the weather was glum and house painting couldn’t be continued, we drove to another town to see if anything was happening and when that lead to nothing too, we decided Ikea would be a nice place to wander 💁🏻‍♀️

Which is true but not so much when only a suitcase sized piece of furniture would be the only purchasable option 🙈

After renovating two houses, one can’t help but see possibility and design all the more often when shopping or simply out and about, so the trek through Ikea held many ‘this would work here’, ‘that would be better this way or that way’ conversations.

That evening was the time to strike Greek cuisine off our of list 🤓
We, along with the parents, drove to Emmerich to dine at Syrtaki, the Greek restaurant we’d eaten at many a time before when still living in Europe 👍🏻

It was as good and as largely portioned as we recalled, all but Mich having some to pack up to take home  🤪

As we left there and walked to the ice cream shop, a double rainbow was spotted across the Rhine, making for a lovely moments pause to enjoy it ☺️


April 28th –

Mich and I drove to Krefeld, Germany to attend church where we had previously and since it was actually a Canadian preacher speaking, I didn’t even need the translation headphones which was very nice 🤓👍🏻

It’s also the church Mich’s sister and her family attend, so we planned to spend some time with them, after enjoying the service and another Greek lunch at Poseidon 😉

It was even tastier than the previous evenings dinner and not at all too much, too soon 🙈

We then relaxed at the sister-in-laws, giving out some little gifts to keep us near and dear in the hearts of the nieces and nephew, even if we aren’t literally near them often 😜🤞🏻

We sipped coffee, ate chocolate, walked and then eventually left after what had been a pleasant day of visiting 😉

The autobahn was a good portion of our road back to Doesburg and though I don’t drive and I generally fall asleep whilst Mich drives us anywhere that takes longer than 28 minutes to get to, I did enjoy the once again freedom of speed that the German highway allows 😉

Fond Adieu’s And Forthcoming Hello’s

Wednesday March 15th –

It had been a very restless night for Mike and I.
Thinking of all that needing doing and what would be happening in a matter of hours.

I got up around 6:30 am, giving up on the idea of sleep and I got myself ready so that was done with.

We had the time to take the morning slow, since the official happenings wouldn’t began until around 3:00 pm. So we slowly sipped one last morning coffee before beginning to gather the last remnants of our Holland artefacts.

Once that began the time went fairly quickly, with some confusion 😜
The whole, ‘Mom packing for Sask. us packing for the move AND South Africa annnnd having to have things set aside for the night at the hotel’ was proving to make us really use our brains about what should go where 😬

We decided to book one more suitcase for Mom to take back with her, and by doing that, almost ALL of our things will be in Canada right away.
Apposed to it taking multiple visits between there and Europe to get all of our belongings with us👌🏻

Inge brought over a pot for us to heat up some soup for lunch, since all of our dishes were packed or given away 🙈
We paused to eat and drink another coffee before helping load up Inge’s car and sending her and Mom off to do some errands of their own.
With them gone, we loaded the last bags into our car and then did the final garbage take out/floor mop and waited for the realtor and buyers to come.

3:00 pm came and with it the buyers, taking a short tour of the apartment so they could confirm it was how we’d agreed upon, hands were shaken and out we went, waving goodbye to someone else standing in ‘our’ doorway 😳 Continue reading “Fond Adieu’s And Forthcoming Hello’s”

Felines Aren’t Meant For Flying

Wednesday Feb 15th –

Michiel has taken second hand cars on as his pass time and much of his Wednesday was spent buying cleaning supplies, cleaning, getting papers, speaking to buyers etc.

I had an idea to try creating a little something for the nieces and nephew for a going away gift once Mike and I move, so I began that after the creating juice was drank (coffee, obviously).
I Continued to work on it for most of the day, taking a short cheese and cracker break to keep the energy up.

For now it’s a surprise project, but if anyone has good ideas to give young kids when you move away, (preferably Canada themed) please let me know!

I needed a stretch from sitting so long in my favourite ‘awful for the knees’ postion of having my legs bent underneath me.
So I decided to get up and go through a dresser to get a head start on some of the sorting that will need doing come ‘the move’.
Stuff got shifted around, things were thrown out and others moved to the ‘to give away’ piles.
It felt good to clean out some things but it also made me realize that we don’t actually have all that much to get rid of 😜

After that I had to get the house tidied and biscuits mixed to go with the soup we were having for supper with John and Inge. Continue reading “Felines Aren’t Meant For Flying”

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