Repetitions Of Our Past

April 26th -   Another morning filled with writing and posting etc, before heading out for a walk with Inge, while Mich, you guessed it, painted 🤪   Here is an outlining of the little journey Inge and I went on☺️ It was rather windy at times but the sunshine was warm and the pace [...]

Fond Adieu’s And Forthcoming Hello’s

Wednesday March 15th - It had been a very restless night for Mike and I. Thinking of all that needing doing and what would be happening in a matter of hours. I got up around 6:30 am, giving up on the idea of sleep and I got myself ready so that was done with. We [...]

Felines Aren’t Meant For Flying

Wednesday Feb 15th - Michiel has taken second hand cars on as his pass time and much of his Wednesday was spent buying cleaning supplies, cleaning, getting papers, speaking to buyers etc. I had an idea to try creating a little something for the nieces and nephew for a going away gift once Mike and [...]