Jem Moment – A Fantastic Photo Album

So we received our wedding photo album (weeks and weeks ago, this is just a late post 😜) which I created using MixBook and we are super happy with it!!

I signed up with them and yes, got a lot of emails but many of which included pretty decent sales.

I was able to get the highest quality paper AND flat lay option for cheaper than their lower quality book at regular price 💁🏻👌🏻

They also shipped to us in a fairly short amount of time ☺️

What I’m saying is a recommend using them 😎

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The Beginning Of Buoyancy

Sunday Sept 17th –

It was a preacher from New York City speaking that morning and he gave (me) much to think about.

One thing really stuck in my mind and that was this, ‘we spend too much time looking at what satan is doing and not enough time looking at what God is doing’.

He didn’t go into detail on those thoughts but I personally thought about how we do talk about all the bad things happening and ‘poor us or whomever else and look what so and so did’ etc.

How often do we talk about what amazing things have happened to us or those we know and how we have seen the grace of God around us?


After church, we stood outside visiting in the gross heat for a while before driving over to the couple who had invited Mike and I and his parents over for lunch.

As much as I tried to enjoy and or, appreciate the heat, knowing winter doth knock back home…it was really very hard to do while standing on black asphalt with no breeze in +40 and up temperatures 😬

We got to enjoy a delicious meal of pork chops, chicken, salads, bread, casserole style potatoes and a beverage of peppermint tea.

I overindulged and the belt I wore, protested😜

After visiting there for the afternoon, we followed our current hosts, to the next place we were all invited, where sweet treats and more visiting took place ☺️

After Mike and I grew tired of ‘the adult people’ (😉) we drove over to the house of the friends we’d eaten with during the week.

Getting in even MORE dessert and enough coffee at that point, that we were beginning to feel buoyant 😜





Monday Sept 18th – Continue reading “The Beginning Of Buoyancy”

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