Boxed Food And Boxed Excitement

Saturday July 15th –

It was a beautiful Saturday morning πŸŒ€β˜•οΈπŸ’•


And it began with coffee and stroopwafels out on the deck and then we headed over to our place in town.

Mike had to sand down all the walls that had been mudded, so that another coat could be put on and I took the rest of the cedar planking from the bedroom ceilings and the nails they left behind.
Michiel continued to sand and I worked on cleaning out some garbage and hauling away our rotten back porch.

Lunch was needed, so I went and whipped some up and then took it back to the house for Mike and I to eat there and continue working.


Which we did until 4:00 pm 🏚 🏠 🏑
Walls being scraped down so they could be patched, more sanding and removing of mudding dust, more garbage hauling and some raspberry patch watering. Continue reading “Boxed Food And Boxed Excitement”

A Non Computing Culinary Council

Tuesday June 13th –

An utterly pointless day πŸ™„

Mom was heading into town for a short stint, so I decided it would be a good time to go along and do some Internet things/phone updates at the library, since our internet is awful out in the country.

After sitting there for a few minutes, the realization of non working wifi was evident.

I questioned the staff and they looked at me and said, ‘oh, it must not be fixed yet’ πŸ™„
Ok, thanks…
I was stuck there until Mother was done with her appointments so I went to half heartedly, look through the books.

Not planning on checking any out, as all of our library cards have extortionate fines on them because the fees went up.

Meaning that since we live out of town and tend to be a day or two late, the 15 items are probably 15 dollars or more just like that πŸ™„
So, it’s been literally years since we’ve willingly checked out books, never wanting to pay our cards off πŸ˜‚

Anyways, as I looked at books the lady who’d informed me that wifi was broken, said their tech guy wanted to talk to me.
He proceeded to tell me I just had to hit ‘accept’ and then it would work πŸ™„
I kindly told him I’d done that, I’d restarted my phone and laptop, reconnected etc.
Then he tried connecting with his phone and ‘Oh, yep, it’s not working for me either, I guess it’s still broken…’

Thank you 😬 Continue reading “A Non Computing Culinary Council”

Flower Of The East πŸŒΊ

Thursday Oct 6th –

Good thing we had saved that frozen pizza because it was required for breakfast 😏


As we ate our poolside pizza, a car pulled up and out came a person of oriental decent, holding a map and having a floppy sun hat upon her head.
She walked past us towards the house (having clearly seen us) and then turned back pointing to her travel plans and saying they got the villa.
Mike in turn pointed to the time it said they got it at, which was 2:00 pm not the current 11:00 am 😳

She walked away and her and her companions stood confusedly for a few moments before we got the free entertainment of watching them try to back up, turn around and leave 😏

Some nicknames of Zakynthos include ‘the flower of the east’, seemingly fitting by the blooms found just around the villa.


There was also a lemon tree and a pomegranate tree but neither were quite ready.
There were a few grapes left on the vine as well but those were mostly overripe πŸ˜‹πŸ‡

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You’re The Pool To My Villa

Wednesday Oct 5th –



We weren’t super close to town and I also really didn’t feel like getting ready to go into town again, so breakfast was a mix of granola bars and cookies bought at the grocery store the day before πŸ˜‹

Then, to the poolside 😎

Weather was awesome, pretty much pure sunshine after a few clouds passed by and perfect for sun bathing and trying to get hot enough to jump in the chilly pool πŸ˜‹

Mike couldn’t handle just sitting still and eatingΒ the frozen pizza we had bought for lunch so he went to town and foundΒ some bakery goodies and coffees ☺️

The breads were very tasty and cheese filled, (as much of the Greek stuff is) the espresso iced coffees perfect for the lounging life and the dessert… confusing 😜

It had the same filling as baklava but instead of being between sheets of phyllo it had a stringy, almost dry noodle like pastry surrounding it and it was such a weird texture it really weirded out the mouth and it did not get finished 😬

After eating we decided to jump into the pool and just get it over withπŸ’¦
No time to waste tiptoeing in all slow and shivery like 😏


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