DIY Zen Garden

DIY Zen Garden Β - For the idle handed fidgetersΒ in your life -   So, my husband always has to be fiddling with something...anything πŸ™„ He is also always getting in trouble for it 😏 Whether playing with the sugar dish, pulling plant leaves, rattling a glass... you get the idea and it gets even worse [...]

Handmade Home Decor

For the last months I've been playing around with these little cement creations. (Which I think are adorable πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆπŸ˜) My time being spent figuring out consistency, container errors and what works and what REALLY does not 😜 As I only have like... five-ish forms to use to create in right now and drying time is [...]

A Sophisticated Blending Of Coconut, Sandalwood And Bird Poo

Thursday Jan 12th -       Mike was going to be working from the office but due to traffic he ended up staying at the house to work. I'd left the majority of unpacking to do while he wasn't at the house but it seemed like that wouldn't be happening, so I got it [...]