An Ouchy Day

Thursday Dec 29th –




Mother was busy making bunny and bear pancakes when Mike and I woke up but Mike got circle ones, which he deemed soccer balls 😏

Pro bestowed gifts upon us and I couldn’t be more pleased with all my new Polaroid accessories and my coffee cup 😁💕



Josh and Mike left to go get some things in town, take Dad something in the bush, get out of the house, get a Tim’s etc. 😏

For the ones left at the house… it was an interesting day 😜

Children really shouldn’t learn how to walk when they are so… damageable.

Bryn fell down the flight of stairs to the basement and got a rug burn on her face.
Alaina was sitting, doing nothing, and she fell off the chair.
Bryn slipped on a block and hit her head on the side table.
Spencer just fell face first off his chair and cut his top lip.

And those are only the very memorable mishaps.

Alaina deemed it, ‘an ouchy day’ 😋👌🏻

Most of the day was spent child rearing and catching up on this and that since we (Mom, Pro and I) were all together to talk and it wasn’t one of having to relay what the other had told them during a phone call days or even weeks before 👌🏻📞 Continue reading “An Ouchy Day”

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