To Eat, Drink And Become Informed

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018   That afternoon Michiel and I headed to Saskatoon to run some errands and attend a workshop later in the evening. I write this because we ate and drank good things, got stuff for the house and met some lovely humans... and it was time to stretch the writing muscleΒ πŸ€“ We [...]

Delicious Proportions And Peculiar Partings

Thursday Dec 28th -     The sister and nieces came over for the day, so that pretty much tells you the amount of stuff I got done 😏 One thing...😜 That 'thing' was one of delicious proportions though because it was making caramel popcorn. The gooey kind, not the kind that hardens and gets [...]

Couture, Cousine, Cleaning And Construction

Tuesday July 11th -     A day to the city for a collection of reasons 😁 Mother/Daughter date. Clothes if per chance any caught our eyes. New foods to test and satisfy our need of delicious things. A cement order to drop off for me. Costco for all. Art things to inspire. ... you [...]

The First Week, Over Where It Began

Wednesday April 12th - I'd been waking up when Mike left for work, so not long after he left, I moseyed upstairs and was greeted by the smell of rice at 6:20 in the morning? Mom was getting the stuff ready to make cabbage rolls πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ» I worked on my lettering while watching, learning and [...]