Jem Moment: A Table For My Treasures

So, ever since I began collecting shells (which I can’t even remember when that was, because I think I always have 😜) I’ve always wondered what exactly I should do with the little, magical treasures washed in from their watery homes?!

Well, a couple of years ago Mother found a display shelf that she bought because it was full of adorable, little bottles and she’d said I could use the shelf for stuff if I wanted… but I was getting ready to move to Europe, so it was put in storage.

Many a trip and very full shell bag later, I was still wondering, what in the world do I do with these abandoned snail/sea creature homes?!

Then, during Mom’s last trip to Holland to come visit us before the move, an old letterpress drawer was found and ‘ding ding ding’!
The lightbulb was lit and I thought hey, I could make this into a coffee table/shell display!

Luckily it JUST fit into our moving crates but upon further inspection here in Canada, I decided to use Mom’s display anyways, because it had larger sections, better for displaying my treasures.

(Now I have to decide what to do with the little drawer πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ€”)

So on Saturday, after a little brain storming the days before and some consultation from the Mom about what she thought the wisest plan of action would be, Michiel and I began the revamp 😁

I wanted to be a part of the building process, not just stand on the side and say what I wanted done (though on occasion yes, I do prefer that position πŸ˜‹) so Mike took the time to teach me what he was doing and why and after a couple of hours, what looked like a coffee table truly appeared! Continue reading “Jem Moment: A Table For My Treasures”

1,754 Km

Saturday Jan 28th –

A fitful nights sleep was had by all.
Surprisingly for Zoe and I, since we’d slept pretty much the entirety of the day before 😜

We quickly found a bakery where a baguette, strawberry tart and citron tart were purchased for some snacks later on and then a grocery store was stopped at for the required souvenir purchasing Mike and I tend to do in at least one grocery store per trip 😏

Then it was a solid stretch of driving, taking us to our trips purpose, Mont St Michel.

We shuttled from the parking lot to the bridge which is now connecting the island to mainland.

A Disney like spectacle met our eyes.

We paused to eat our sweets and since Mike ate his faster than Zoe and I, he didn’t have the same problem we encountered.

Seagulls. Continue reading “1,754 Km”

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