Vehemently And Pathetically Appealing

Tuesday Oct 31st –

After some morning coffee and contemplations I headed to our house so I could use the wifi and drop off some more boxes.


Day three of the ’14’ day fix.

Still feeling hungry.

Feeling very sore.

Not seeing any abs.


Beginning to question this program 😏😜


Not really, it’s just when evening hits and I want sweets or popcorn or just anything very vehemently, that it feels hardest 😫

Or when I don’t have a morning cookie with my coffee πŸ˜’


I shouldn’t even be blogging right now cause I’m making myself hungry 😜

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I’d Rather Bond By A Pool πŸ˜

Friday Nov 11 –

Felt worse than ever upon waking up, aching again and a constantly running nose πŸ™„

And we’ve even been eating fruit lately! 😳😜

Yogurt and granola was Mikes breakfast of choice, last of the French toast casserole for me and then we got ready to head to Doesburg.

Farewells had to be said to John and Inge since they were leaving for their holiday, so we went over there for a little bit before doing some errands in town.
We left with food since their fridge had to be emptied so stuff didn’t go bad πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

In Doesburg we planned on restocking our coffee bean supply but they were ‘closed due to circumstances’… 😳 Now, I really do hope they weren’t bad circumstances and everything was ok… but what about OUR circumstances?? What are we supposed to do if we run out of their beans, our black gold, java, happy juice, the stuff that lets me PERSON?!β˜•οΈ

I had a gift certificate from Inge to use at a store in Doesburg too, so we went there to take a peek and see if it couldn’t be used 😊

It could be!

Love how lots of stores here wrap stuff cutely in case it’s a gift πŸŽ€πŸ›


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Much Ado About Muffin

Wednesday Sept 21st –



Much sitting, laying, writing and picture sorting for that mornings activities.

Ingredients for banana chocolate chip muffins had been picked up the previous day, so those got baked up.
I don’t like banana as a fruit to just eat plain or in ice cream or most desserts, but give me a banana chocolate chip (heavy on the chocolate chip πŸ˜‰) muffin and I’d happily live off them for days.
Also, I’m not a big breakfast eater and only a few things don’t upset my stomach first thing in the day and those muffins are on that listπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
A muffin warmed and slathered with butter?
For breakfast, brunch and everything between?
I’m in!

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Mountain Drives And Italian Vibes

Thursday Sept 9th –


The business man left for customer meetings and the wife living leisurely lay in bed a few hours more πŸ˜‹

Then made use of the desk with a viewπŸ’»

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Macaroons For Breakfast

Saturday Sept 17th –

To the beach! But not before Mike found a cafe selling our favourite macaroons to stop at before hand πŸ™ˆ

I must say, starting the day with a fresh, pistachio macaroon could get super addicting😏

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Jobs Fill Your Pocket, Adventures Fill Your Soul

Monday Sept 12th –
Mike left around 8:00 am to see his first customer and I stayed at the hotel to get ready and pack up.

I met him in the lobby around 10:00 and we headed out of France and into Germany, having three hours to drive before getting to his second, and final customer of the trip.

On the way he got tired of driving and decided on a lunch stop at a place he seen from the highway.
No reviews read before hand, no menus looked at, just a good old sit down and order kind of meal 😏
And good it was!

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