Couch Surfing And A Smidgen Of Health

Monday July 3rd –


Mike left that morning to go work on the kitchen electrical stuff with a friend who knew how to do that kind of stuff 😜

I rolled outta bed… actually off the couch and then not long after, prepared myself for a walk in town with Mom.

Mike and I have been sleeping on the couch in the basement for a few reasons.

1: It is a ridiculously comfy couch to sleep on
2: With it getting bright by 4:30 am and there being windows in our room, that isn’t an ok thing. The couch is in a windowless room, meaning no 4:30 light 😎👌🏻
(3: Mike can’t steal my covers if we are on said couch… he is a blanket hog 😂)

Mom and I peaked in at the house progress and then began our walk/jog.
7.5 sweaty kilometres later, we finished our efforts for the day and told the guys to be back home for lunch within half an hour.

Tortilla pizzas were prepared via BBQ to keep the heat down in the house and the four of us enjoyed them, the guys heading back to finish the wiring once they were done.

Besides a refreshing shower and nap in the cool basement, I don’t know what the afternoon held 😜

I do remember supper though 😎 Continue reading “Couch Surfing And A Smidgen Of Health”

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