Flavours From The Past

09/28/21 I can’t really recollect what happened this day… will you all be able to make it? Not knowing the details of a day of my life?! 🤪  As far as I can recall, I was actually not feeling fantastic, aching and having some very bad headaches throughout the day. So between unpacking, laundry, Lake [...]

Perpetually Needing Naps

Tuesday Feb 7th - We had gotten flowers the evening before at the grocery store and Zoe had arranged them for me. They were my mornings view whilst sipping my 'alone time' coffee. Once we were all up, the house got a little tidying and then a snack was made. A cheesecake was prepared, dishes done [...]

Color Picking With The Color Blind

Monday October 11th -     Unpacking, laundry and writing filled my Monday. I don't remember what I ate or anything in between so this will be a very short daily post😜 Lisanne and Amy were over so I sat and drew with them for a few minutes, communicating as much as fake sign language [...]

Macaroons For Breakfast

Saturday Sept 17th - To the beach! But not before Mike found a cafe selling our favourite macaroons to stop at before hand 🙈 I must say, starting the day with a fresh, pistachio macaroon could get super addicting😏 We made it to the beach and loaded up before trekking through the sand to where [...]