Window Of Opportunity Taken

Tuesday March 7th –

We packed up and left our penthouse around 9:00 am that morning, having finished our exploring of Gozo and heading back over to Malta.

Breakfast on the ferry was a beef pie and it was one of those things that was kind of gross but yet still weirdly satisfying 😜

The wind had picked up immensely and the swells were much bigger than our first ferry ride, making one think about how awful it would have been to be on a smaller ship, for all your travel/work/pirating back in the day 🌊😬

We made it across and Mike drove us to the area of Valletta , the capital of Malta.
Our drive was scattered with heavy rain, sun, more rain and a constant strong wind, making walking through the streets sound pretty unappealing, yet necessary, since it was our one and only time to see things there.

Thankfully the rain stopped but the brutal winds followed us down most streets, forcing enough dirt and grime into our eyes, that it felt like they’d tried to go swimming in a sandboxπŸ‘€

Which would be real dumb😏

The balconies were pretty unique to see and it was a much different style of building then I’ve seen other places.

Lovely doors were seen on every turn, some new and shiny, some old and even charred but almost all interesting. Continue reading “Window Of Opportunity Taken”

An Ouchy Day

Thursday Dec 29th –




Mother was busy making bunny and bear pancakes when Mike and I woke up but Mike got circle ones, which he deemed soccer balls 😏

Pro bestowed gifts upon us and I couldn’t be more pleased with all my new Polaroid accessories and my coffee cup πŸ˜πŸ’•



Josh and Mike left to go get some things in town, take Dad something in the bush, get out of the house, get a Tim’s etc. 😏

For the ones left at the house… it was an interesting day 😜

Children really shouldn’t learn how to walk when they are so… damageable.

Bryn fell down the flight of stairs to the basement and got a rug burn on her face.
Alaina was sitting, doing nothing, and she fell off the chair.
Bryn slipped on a block and hit her head on the side table.
Spencer just fell face first off his chair and cut his top lip.

And those are only the very memorable mishaps.

Alaina deemed it, ‘an ouchy day’ πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Most of the day was spent child rearing and catching up on this and that since we (Mom, Pro and I) were all together to talk and it wasn’t one of having to relay what the other had told them during a phone call days or even weeks before πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ“ž Continue reading “An Ouchy Day”

‘Pickled’ Pink

Monday Dec 19th –




Mom and I had a small chat with Pro that morning as we sipped our coffee and I awakened a little more.

Once our talk with her was finished we drove over to Becca’s to go for a walk with her and Spencer… the things that time apart from each other can change, like me going for a MORNING walk 😏
A 5 km speed walk was taken on the snowy road behind the house πŸ β„οΈπŸ‘­πŸΆπŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦
(and I do mean speed, mom and I may have short legs but that doesn’t mean we can’t move😜)


Once back at the house, mom began concocting some ooey-gooey delicious chocolate cornflake dessert.

I had wanted to make them in Holland but hadn’t been able to due to no corn syrup.

The list of things I want to take back is getting longer and on the heavier side πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ

I worked on the blog throughout the day, determined to not get too far behind and cause unnecessary pain in catching up.

Afterwards, Mike began making some sweets of his own.

Very thin, buttery, Norwegian cookies that he made once before while we were dating.

They are delicious, though extremely time consuming, so the perfect thing for him to spend the day on πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹



Continue reading “‘Pickled’ Pink”

Sputtering Nothing πŸ’¦

Tuesday Nov 15 th –




The day we forgot the water was being turned off 😬
There were notices posted around the building stating that on Tuesday, there would be no water and we took note and talked about it many times!

Only to wake up on Tuesday and go to run the water and be greeted by a sputtering nothing…

And we were out of coffee beans, so not the best morning around 😏

I heated up some milk and we had chia latte mix with some instant coffee for some sort of caffeine intake and I then settled in to write/edit pictures.

The water actually came back on around 2:00, though hot water didn’t follow until later but it was enough to feel like I could do a few things.

Like bake a lazy cheesecake 😁

You see, I don’t have a ton of dishes, so when I bake, a dish or two probably has to get rewashed and reused a few times during the baking process, thus needing water to bake.

The cheesecake turned out nicer then usual actually, the sugar and cinnamon topping becoming an even golden color over the entire thingπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I love this super easy cheesecake, (recipe will follow πŸ˜‰) though it’s a bit on the sweet side so coffee would have been delicious with it πŸ˜•

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