Food, Floral And Fuel Sources, For Your Information

Wednesday Oct 18th - It had indeed been a breezy night, the whirling and gusting making for a slightly restless sleep... or so I was told 😜   All others who occupy the house were away, so ''twas a day of self reflection 😏😜   Not actually, I just did odds and ends and had [...]

Savoured And Devoured…All At Once 

  Sunday Sept 3rd - We stayed home and listened to a sermon that morning. Father had to depart back to work that afternoon, so time was spent together. A breakfast of kodiak pancakes, eggs and fruit filled our bellies and then the bro and his tribe came over to hang out as well.   [...]

Selling Cookies And Living Off The Land

Monday Aug 14th - Our last morning at the cabin. We and the father were shipping out and the bro's wife and tots were taking our places. Packing up our belongings and sweeping out the little cabin were the minimal tasks we had to complete and then a few hours of the usual cabin goings [...]