Twinkly Finishing Touches

Sunday July 23rd –

Dad was once again working away from home so it was Mom, Mike and I who drove to church that morning and then back into town for afternoon errands.

Supplies for new deck lighting that Mom had been wanting were found, so that Mike could work on putting it up and then a sign for a closing out sale at Sears caught our eyes and we figured we might as well check since we were near anyways.

It was busy, messy and the sales lacking the discount a closing out sale should have, in my mind anyways.
I did find some picture frames and Canada pins but that was it, the meager 20% not having much of an effect on my spending 😜

We decided on McDonald’s for lunch, since it was already later in the day and we didn’t feel like waiting to make food at home.
I feel like the prices have went up and the quality went even further down if that’s possible? 😬

Or maybe it’s just that I’m an ‘adult’ now 😜


Once home, Mike went straight away to work putting posts on the deck for the string lights. Continue reading “Twinkly Finishing Touches”

Happy Fake German Thanksgiving ðŸ—🍽🍞

Friday Nov 25th –

After a quick breakfast of coffee and muffins we picked up Annett from the train station nearby and then drove to Germany to check out a shopping outlet for the morning.

It was a chilly but bright day and shops were entered hopefully and left empty handedly… it was not a successful shopping day for any us, besides Mike finding one shirt.
But that’s not much after leaving an outlet full of sales 😏

We had lunch there as well, at a Chinese buffet.

Little did we know it would mean a crazy long waiting time 😳
The line was long and the people ahead of us took their sweet time, heaping their plates as high as they could while we waited our turn as patiently and hungrily as we could 😬🍴

We left the outlet and began the drive to Annett’s.
I got a nap in during the drive, due to late night dessert making 😋 Continue reading “Happy Fake German Thanksgiving ðŸ—🍽🍞”

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