The Sunday Rhythm

09/19/21 An early Sunday morning greeted us. Once again, preparing of myself, the son, the diaper bag etc. took way, and then we joined the family for breakfast. Adorning the table before us, were baskets holding different varieties of breads, various spreads, sprinkles and butter, cheeses, meats, juice and coffee.A classic Dutch breakfast 😉🥐🥖🧀🥨☕️ It was a [...]

A Happy Stomachs Heart

Sunday Oct 1st - Breakfast by Bob and then off to church.  It was communion service that evening at church, so we had been invited for lunch and to spend the afternoon with friends at the home of a lovely human, whose cooking  I haven't gotten to enjoy for a looong time 😉👌🏻 Borscht soup and [...]

A Home For Shakespeare And A Home For Us

Saturday April 22nd - It had been slightly suggested/half planned but not really, that Becca, Spencer and I would go into town for some 'fun' shopping opposed to Beccas regular rush for groceries and high priority needs only, since she's got a toddler and the baby to lug around. I readied myself and was just [...]

It Takes A Kit Kat To Truly Know Someone

Saturday Nov 19th -     More of the same occurred. Coffee enjoyed amidst writing and drawing then whipping up a lazy cheesecake to feel a smidgen less useless before taking a nap 😋 Hopefully the illness gets over itself sooner than later 🙄 Our lovely hostess once again supplied us with supper, salmon pasta [...]