No Easy Feat

Wednesday Nov 8th - Mike was working from home, so after a lazy morning in bed, I made us breakfast and he headed to our place to work. I stayed put to work out and then went on to spend most of my day looking through the website 😳 They have SO much... in [...]

Falling In Love

Friday July 21st -   While waiting for my friend to arrive for a visit, I got to test out the 'one cup' option on our new machine and it worked brilliantly 😎👌🏻💕☕️ A delicious, single cup of coffee in minutes and no wasted coffee left to grow old. I was already falling in love [...]

Some Of The Family Favourites And Favourite Families

Friday May 26th - As usual, the day, post airport is a lazy day to be had by all, no matter who were the ones that had arrived or done the picking up. Eventually cinnamon buns were heated up for breakfast and they were oh so tasty, being their buttery best selves 💕👌🏻🍴 Later in the [...]

Clean House, Clean Canvas

Thursday Nov 3rd -     There was bits and pieces of cake top left so the extra icing was dished out and that was our breakfast, along with some delicious coffee 👌🏻💕☕️🍰 Looks like we'll be going back to the coffee store in Doesburg 😎 After the coffee and cake were finished Mike worked [...]

Brown Paper Packages Readied And Received

Monday Sept 19th -   Grilled sandwiches for lunch, accompanied by a fruit smoothie per Mikes request. After lunch my hubby had some sweaters to go pick up for him and his friends brand, 'We Nomads.' Check them out!➡️  We Nomads I got to be the one who helped take photos and write up info [...]