To Eat, Drink And Become Informed

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


That afternoon Michiel and I headed to Saskatoon to run some errands and attend a workshop later in the evening.

I write this because we ate and drank good things, got stuff for the house and met some lovely humans… and it was time to stretch the writing muscle 🤓

We dined on sushi.
For the first time since trying it way back before we flew to Hawaii, when we went with friends who knew sushi well and we didn’t have to discover it alone and in the total unknown 😬
It was frighting and I’m not sure why but we still find sushi a very risky dish to order on our own somehow 🤪

According to reviews ‘Nisen Sushi’was the place to go, so, that’s where we went.
The decor and atmosphere were maybe (totally) not THE most welcoming but we didn’t go there to see nicely decorated spaces and feel good, we went there to eat, so technically what’s lack of ambiance reaaaally matter? 😏

Both of us were afraid to try this little reddish thingy placed at our table with no words of how to proceed from the waiter, I bravely (or timidly) tried it first.

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The Beginnings Of Bliss

Sunday Nov 12th –

After one of the most sleepless ‘sleeps’ ever, I arose at 3:00 am and got ready to leave for the airport not long after.

My brother drove us and once we arrived, we were greeted by an overflowing little airport and longer lines than we’d seen there for sometime but we made it through without a hitch and were off to Vancouver by 7:00 ish.

A fall strewn province greeted us there, (along with a friend of Mikes who was kind enough to chauffeur us for the day) the red and orange trees, green grass and rainy weather, taking us back in time to where it was early fall 💁🏻

We went to Tim Hortons for a bite to eat before heading to church, having almost the entire day to spend out and about, before we needed to be back at the airport.

Surprisingly, the tiredness hadn’t kicked in yet, so I stayed much more awake during the service than I’d expected of myself 😜

After service, a few familiar, if not slightly older, faces were seen and we chatted our way through the crowd, as one does when accompanying Mike 😏

Lunch was at Aka Sushi.

Our ride was supposedly a large sushi fan and I’m glad Mike remembered that we had hoped to try sushi someday when we could be with someone who knows what they are ordering, so the first experience could be a good one 😉

And it was that indeed!

We started with some fried dumpling like things with shredded pork and it told of good things to  come 👌🏻

A warm, teriyaki chicken and rice dish was our main, with tuna and dynamite rolls for our truly sushi bits 😉

I liked the tuna much more than I thought I would and the dynamite rolls were crab and fried shrimp and very tasty.

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