Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

Monday Jan 1st –


I started the new year off with a very non healthy resolution for breakfast.



Brown sugar and cinnamon toast 🤤👌🏻

If you by some chance have NOT tried this combo… you know what tomorrow’s breakfast or tonight’s snack should be 😏


I then sat down to put up my New Years post, a task Tripp didn’t make easy 🙄
But ‘kittens are cute’ she said! …. ‘She’ being me… and I was telling the truth but forgetting how tiresome a cat that does the same thing over and over and over, can be 😏😜


Like climbing all over the keyboard.


I then made myself a coffee to go and went for a walk. Continue reading “Just A Spoonful Of Sugar”

An Aroma Of Pure Perfection ☕️

Tuesday Nov 1st –



I woke up with the sore throat gifted to me from Mikes own slightly ill self 🙄

The sun was shining through our window and it looked like a lovely day was ahead, but not so long after the clouds and fog came in 😕🌥

Mike was working from home, meaning I become even less productive and the house stays constantly a tad messy 😏

(Our work station😜) 

We finished up the farmers sausage soup and it’ll be some time now until we have it again, farmers sausage from Saskatchewan isn’t so easily mailed😁

There was a plan in place to go for a walk together, but just the idea of that put me in bed for a nap 😜

I woke to smells of something cooking and found Mike had heated up a pizza for us 😊🍕

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