A Menagerie of Makeovers

Summertime, is a busy time. With yard work finally able to be taken care of and everyone wanting to enjoy every moment of warm summer sunshine. Though it’s typically a bit busy, it’s also a time that beckons for projects to be done, so thus, I undertook a few smaller things and decided to share them here ☺️

Starting with a coffee table.
I’d been keeping my eyes open for a coffee table on the local buy and sell pages for sometime.

Wanting a change from ours but nothing too pricey and also wanting it to be something a little less detrimental to small noggins, as Lakes mobility increased.

It took sometime, but I’m happy with the waiting as it lead me to this $50 table that was in Birch Hills.


We picked it up one Sunday after church and in the following days, it got taped off and the legs were spray painted gold.


I like using the Design Master Brilliant Gold spray paint from Michael’s for a slightly antiqued looking gold color ☺️



A couple coats later and violà, ‘a new to our home’ coffee table that I’m very pleased about




Next up was a mirror that’s been sitting in our garage for literally years.

It came with a dresser I’d purchased second hand when we’d first moved and then once the house reno was completed, the dresser didn’t actually work anywhere.

I’d had the idea for sometime to do an anthro-esque inspired DIY to the mirror but just never got around to ordering the required things/pulling it out to do it.


I hesitate to undertake anything that requires sanding these days, as I have to time it juuuust right to not only get the sanding done but also have time for a shower afterwords, all while Lake naps.

So that’s another reason I just never seemed to be able to get around to finishing it 🤪

I sanded it down and admit to unfortunately scratching the mirror with the sandpaper 😒


So be cautious of that if you do any such similar project.

After sanding and wiping it down, I taped off the mirror itself using painters tape and Amazon packaging paper 🤪


I ordered these wooden plaques from Amazon and spray painted them along with the wooden frame of the mirror.


I had to wait for Mike to get a chance to cut the bottom flourishy bits, as I didn’t want to attempt it and break them, as I most likely would have since I lack skill and patience 🤪🙈


Using wood glue, I placed the appliques where I wanted them and… once again, a mini makeover was completed and I was very pleased with the end result!


I’d originally thought it would go in our bathroom if we got around to a refresh in there, but we never did… so now it’s done, but has no home. For now I placed it on the dresser in our living room, though I’m not certain I like how it looks with the staircase wall behind, being smaller than the mirror.


(Peekaboo to the little misbehaving stair climber;)


Oh well, it’ll work somewhere eventually I’m sure 😉

Last and quite literally least (in amount of effort anyways)
 to be honest, was this little wooden bowl from our local antique store ☺️


We stopped in there one Saturday and after looking around, I took this wooden bowl home for $5.00.

I quickly sanded it and though it took away the woods various colors more than I expected, I didn’t mind too much.
I got some liming wax from my sister and quickly applied some to the sanded and cleaned surface with a rag and that was it.


A simple Saturday salvagery that left me with a beachy wooden bowl to use for whatever I desire ☺️


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