Happily Avoiding Life Stuff

Monday Jan 30th –

We went from being busy from 9-9 for three days, to pure relaxation and road trip recovery😜

Each of us rolling out of bed at different times and relocating to the couch or kitchen island in a matter of moments.

Mike as high energy as ever, wanted to do something 😏

Zoe and I, did not.

I know we slept during the road trip and we walked only in spurts but still!
Maybe its pathetic, but I find the effort of preparing ones self for public three mornings in a row, sorting through and repacking suitcases and eating/walking in the constant company of humans (strangers, more so than Mike and Zoe😜) is tiring 😬

I feel I can safely speak for Zoe in this matter and say she agrees with me πŸ˜‹

Mike on the other hand, does not understand… and he was the one who had driven?!

Oh well πŸ’πŸ»

Inge, Judith and the kids did stop by for a short visit late morning and Mike and I were the lucky recipients of more of the salami I’ve talked about before 😁 (Straight Up Awful… Awfully Good )

Pizza was prepared for our lunch and then Mike left to go do some errands/clean out the Audi since it soon won’t be ours any longer 😬

We contemplated going to the store but I decided nothing we needed was pressing enough to actually go out for, so we happily avoided the task 😜

Chicken, fried potatoes and carrots made up our supper and a lazy rice pudding-ish dessert followed. Continue reading “Happily Avoiding Life Stuff”

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