Tumultuous Times, Oblivious Observers

Monday Nov 20th –

It was departure day for the parents and relocation day for the rest of us.

So we packed up and shipped out that morning, taking time to stop at a few places along the drive to Kona side.

Coconut Island was walked to, pretty much just to say that we had been to someplace called ‘Coconut Island’ :p

It’s a very small little outcropping of land that people mainly go to for relaxation I think.

We drove on, stopping to take a little-big walk, that lead to the Akaka waterfall.
Little because it wasn’t far distance wise but big as in it had many stairs and we took the harder way up, accidentally 😜

We glanced through a neat little place called ‘glass from the past’. Continue reading “Tumultuous Times, Oblivious Observers”

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