An Aged Elephant And Master Of The Grill

Tuesday July 25th -     I had been hired to make a unicorn cake for a birthday and that morning was my time to finish creating it, as I had the cake and icing all ready. Things started going from sort of bad, to worse and then just plain awful real quick 😜 The [...]

Roll Me In Fairydust And Call Me A Unicorn… Cake

Jem Moment for having finally made a unicorn cake!   I have seen unicorn cakes all over the internet-ish places and have eyed them up with much interest and adoration (probably the same as most of you) 😍👌🏻🦄 I had no ambition to make one while living in Holland, as I only had my little [...]

Jem Moment: Unicorn Immigration

  First of all, today is the day we got the news that Michiel's permanent residence application was accepted and he can now, officially immigrate! 😊 We knew he'd been accepted and that it was only a matter of time but I guess we didn't realise that time would come so quickly. So, those horror stories [...]