‘Weather’ Tis Rain Or Shine… Congratulations!

Disclaimer: The following observations are things I noticed during my time living in Holland.
They are in no way about certain people and the opinions stated are just that, my opinion.
I don’t mean to portray anything as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ difference, simply ‘different’ then what I was used to.

As time goes by, I plan on sharing some of the things I learnt/noticed/experienced during my time living and traveling in Europe.

This is the third such post and I apologize in advance if I repeat some things, when moving around the different subjects.

‘Weather’ Tis Rain Or Shine… Congratulations!

Rain or shine… but mostly rain, or not even rain but not a whole lot of shining either 😋

I’ve been in Holland during the winter months most of all so I’ll begin there.

The first few months really messed with my noggin (I know, it doesn’t take much 🙄😏) in the fact that though it was mid winter, the grass was a constant lush green and the shrubs had full out leaves.
Which to me, would normally mean it was pretty warm out, but not so.

Since at home, during the winter there is no green. Trees are bare, fields brown if the snow isn’t covering them, bushes are see through like stick clusters and flowers? Hah!

I’d find myself assuming the day’s temperatures couldn’t be too bad, after looking outside and seeing green and then I’d dress how I thought I should, head out and be struck by the bone chilling dampness of December and wishing for more layers.

I figured it out pretty quickly though and adjusted accordingly.
In other words, check you phone for the temperature while you lay in bed and then you don’t even have to bother looking outside if you don’t feel like it 😜

The winter there doesn’t hold much snow but there is, on average, a couple of days here or there where some of the wet, white fluff, falls down and stays a day or two.

The coldest it may hit, mid winter is somewhere around – 8 but trust me, it feels colder.

This coming from a Canadian who has felt -50, even if only for a few, ice cream headache like moments at a time 😉

The damp, wet weather makes for a different cold then the dry cold I was used to.

The damp getting into your bones and making a -2 day, (something we’d be wearing a light long sleeve shirt in back in Canada) a day that you still need your winter coat and leggings.

*Bear in mind, I’m not the best to tell about weather, as I’m generally on the colder side of the scale and may judge things with that in mind, but even my parents who came out one spring, said it was one of the coldest springs they felt and agreed that the wet added an extra chill factor. Continue reading “‘Weather’ Tis Rain Or Shine… Congratulations!”

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