Unfortunate Witnesses And Deep Contemplation

Friday Aug 4th –

The Mom and Sister had been painting up some color charts and the layout of little, brightly painted squares looked appealing so I joined in 😏🎨




(Mom may or may not have drawn out both the sister and I’s graphs 🙈)

After that, company was due to arrive so table was set and lunch prepared.
Well, Mom had already prepared it all so it was heated and laid out, hot, summer borscht soup and fresh, seed filled bread 😍👌🏻



Mike joined us, as he’d been working at the house and he arrived moments after a can of pop had burst in the hallway closet 😏
Pop upon the ceiling, walls, drawers and contents of said drawers 😬

I got out of cleaning that, by going and cleaning a freshly plucked plant that the babies had decided, needed a pot no longer 😜 Continue reading “Unfortunate Witnesses And Deep Contemplation”

Scrubbing Away Stranger

Saturday Oct 22nd –


Poffertjes, courtesy of Michiel made up our Saturday mornings fare 😊👌🏻

Annnd then it was time for me to scrub the shower.
I had been pushing it off and pushing it off.
Other people’s fridges kinda gross me out, other people’s pet hair grosses me out, but other people’s showers ??? 😬

Mike helped me mix up a strong cleaning solution and then he went out to get a haircut while I buckled down to scrub out the bathroom.

It wasn’t that dirty but it took a long time none the less.

Mike finally returned (lighter by the amount of hair chopped off I bet🙄 ) and he brought back loempias for us 😊

Continue reading “Scrubbing Away Stranger”

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