Some ‘Crafty’ Crafters

Tuesday Dec 27th –




Shainah had invited Mom and I to join her, Carmen and Mel for a little craft day so we headed there for 11:00 am.

Mike was happy to have Reidar to watch some soccer with, someone who enjoyed it and felt the same joy as he for once😜
They left to do their own thing eventually, but not before lunch was served.

A super tasty lemon, chicken soup was given to us along with a sandwich made on scrumptious, warm, homemade, cranberry and walnut bread ❀️🍡🍴



The master crafters I was with whipped up some crazy things for the amount of time we were there.


Try a toque including a pom pom, an entire apron pattern pieced together, ironed and sewn, a yarn tapestry perfected and some beautiful lettering drawn out and embellished and a teacher perfecting her upcoming lesson plans for wee brains.

I made some ‘cheater’ stitched designs, meaning I drew them and only added a thread or two for texture 😜
I plan on finding some miniature embroidery hoops to put them in eventually, so they can then be used as a necklace or pin.
So if anyone has seen mini embroidery hoops, let me know! 😬
I also attempted to make a yarn tapestry thing but I don’t know if it’s my calling 😏

We found strength to continue crafting when we were served up a lovely piece of crumb cake, drizzled (poured) with a butter sauce and coffee (or tea for those of us who lack taste budsπŸ˜‰)

I don’t think I’ve ever been so well nourished while crafting πŸ˜‹ Continue reading “Some ‘Crafty’ Crafters”

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