I’ll Have A Side Of Coffee With My Coffee Please ☕

Monday 18th -   We had to pack up our things and be out of the apartment by 9:00 that morning. The agency in charge of the apartment was who we dealt with to rent a car for the day as well. We had wanted to check out a national park that was highly recommended [...]

Full Fairies And The Scent Of Butter 

Sunday 17th -   We slept in and enjoyed the luxury of not having to be anywhere at any specific time. Once we did leave the apartment we straight away started the search for breakfast.   Street view of our place ⬆️   We were too late for breakfast food though so we settled pretty willingly [...]

Rest, Eat, Repeat in Zadar Croatia

Saturday 16th -   Coffees poured, Fiji's food and water readied, luggage loaded and away we went. It was around a two-hour drive to the Weeze airport in Germany. Mom and I tried dozing off and on until we stopped at a bakery to grab some breakfast.  I waited in the car... To sleepy to [...]