Achievement Level: 500

Two Years, 500 Posts   I applaud myself on this achievement 😜 Did I ever think I would actually complete 500 writing projects/assignments while trying desperately and agonizingly to complete my one or two sentences for a Wordly Wise school assignment? No 😏 So, it has been around two years give or take a few … More Achievement Level: 500

Adulting, Sensibly

Wednesday Oct 11th –   A trip was taken to the ‘big city’ and our first stop was ‘Jysk’, where I went about purchasing a couch.   Now, I know you are all thinking, ‘Hold up, she bought that red antique-ish couch I thought?!’. She did, but in the excitement she didn’t measure it or really take … More Adulting, Sensibly


Monday Oct 9th – Happy thanksgiving-anniversary! 😁💕🍴 Really, perfect timing because when else would you get turkey, stuffing, roasted veggies, buns, steak, scalloped potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce, for a two year anniversary meal?? 💁🏻   And that isn’t even counting the desserts 😏 Mom put out a splendid spread and our guests/pretty much second … More Thanks-versary