Pura Vida 

So I have a little something for you all, in honour of having grown to 500 followers on Instagram and for there being a number of you following along on the blog as well (though really, all of you should be 😉). A code for 20% off your Pura Vida  orders 🎉😁 Now, unbeknown to … More Pura Vida 

Jem Moment : Macarons And Permanent Residency

”Twas a weekend of good things from afar. Michiel was in Toronto for the weekend on business and I told him I expected some macarons when he came back, if that was at all possible 😉 He came back and didn’t disappoint, having pistachio and chocolate flavours from two different stores 😁💕🛍 They were quickly … More Jem Moment : Macarons And Permanent Residency

The Best. Dad. Ever.

Dads Day👨🏻💕 Well, since I wrote about my Mother I couldn’t very well leave out my Father now could I? 😉   Happy Father’s Day daddy 😘💕 Now, though the mother usually does lots of the literal raising, the father still shows a strong example and adult figure that shapes who we turn out to … More The Best. Dad. Ever.