Solitary Stork Spotting

Thursday 10th –

I woke up and had to get ready to go to Doesburg with Mike at 12:30 p.m. and also pack for our upcoming weekend in Venice.

The weather there is anything from sunny/rainy, warm/cold according to the weather forecasts so packing in a carry on for pretty much any weather was proving aggravating.

Mike came back from work, picked me up and we went to Doesburg to check out a house that was for sale. We looked and decided though it seemed alright, it wasn’t for us.

I had to be registered in the town now that I have my card to stay for a year so we went to the city office to do just that.
Only to find out they need a legalized birth certificate from me, so that’s another paper that’ll need to be ordered and sent away and sent back before we can fully complete the registration πŸ™„
But I am in the system now so that’s a start.

I seen a beautiful mint colored, Smeg fridge as we walked the streets.  
That is now a much desired item on my dream kitchens wish-list 😍

Errands being done we decided to eat Chinese food and then head back to the cottage. 
It was fairly tasty but all one taste.
Still not like the Chinese food we have at home or the place Pro goes to in Az. 😏

Mike took a scenic route back to the cottage because of traffic.
Not that I’d really know since I just fell asleep 😜
But I woke up in time to see 7 or so storks.
It may seem uninteresting but they are big and make me think of ‘Dumbo’ haha.
Their nests are pretty intense too but I didn’t get a pic. so look em up if you’re curious.  
Last one we seen was this weirdo up on the light post…they are usually seen in pairs but I feel like he was alone for a reason ?😜

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