Last Day Of The Life I Know

November 3rd.

Mike slept till 11 o’clock.. This whole work, fresh air thing hits a guy hard I guess 😜

Mom made us a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and smoothies, before we headed off to town. 

Mom patiently drove us around town for a jumble of last-minute errands… buying an extra suitcase was among said errands.
As well as getting a couple of items Europe doesn’t have that I wanted with me.
Zesty Italian dressing, onion soup mix and static guard now need to be added to the packing piles 😁

Our wedding photographer, Stephanie Steiner, sent us the link to see all our wedding picturesπŸ’• 

We eventually headed to Montana’s to meet up with Dad, Nathin, Becca, Emily and Spencer for a family supper out. 
Steaks, cornbread, pasta and more were brought out to appease our appetites.
It was a nice time together 😊

Goodbyes had to be said to Nathin and Becca.

Also to Emily and Spencer but they don’t get the importance of it πŸ˜›

If only we could say goodbyes like the kids do, happily and oblivious to why it may be sad occasion.

Once home the packing had to get finished.
Mike was in charge of fitting all my belongings into four suitcases and two carry on’s, as well as his own things.
He did well πŸ‘Œ

Figured it would be bed pretty quick but mom and dad said they would watch The Avengers with us.
Mike could care less about that type of movie, mom too probably, but they all endured it for me πŸ˜‰
Dad gave me one last foot rub for a while.
No one rubs feet quiet as good as daddy 😘

By the time the movie was done and all the little last-minute packing, cleaning up, etc. was accomplished, it was 1:30 and time to try for some much-needed sleep before flying out the next morning .

One thought on “Last Day Of The Life I Know

  1. Ironic that it was also the last day as I “knew it.” Empty nest came way to soon. This big’ol house is, well…big. Rolo says “hi.”


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