Heart Palpitations And Mom Preparations

Saturday Feb 25th –

After an extremely restless night, we heard little girl voices around 6:00 am.
I did what any normal person would do, ignored them and let Mike take care of it since I wouldn’t know what they were saying anywaysπŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜œ

Uncle Mike got them some milk, set up a movie and came back to bed πŸ™ˆ

Hey, our place is so small that leaving them unsupervised, is still pretty supervised 😜

Once Mike and I got up, he made the girls eggs, I did their hair and we all headed over to see Oma and Opa and give them a cheesecake I had promised them in trade for the sheepskin rug and rock crystals we now own, thanks to themπŸ˜‰

The cheesecake was dropped off and so began the ‘not best’ of days πŸ˜‹

Amy happened to go missing momentarily (10 ish minutes give or take), though it felt longer. Thankfully she was found quickly and safely… but it was long enough to cause our stomachs to drop and fear to set in 😧😣

Once she was retrieved Mike took us three girls back to the apartment for safer activities πŸ˜‹

Making unicorn horns! πŸ˜πŸ¦„πŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ‘±πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ«

I had tried to think of an activity that could be demonstrated via hand motions since the whole ‘they speak German/I speak English’ thing can cause some issues and dipping stick like crackers into chocolate seemed like a pretty safe choice πŸ˜‰

It worked good, they seemed to enjoy it and then immediately requested to watch ‘Moana’

Which we did, until it was time for Sophie to be picked up and Amy to come with us to visit our grandparents from Johns side of the family.
They live about an hour away from us and we had planned to meet up with our cousin and his girlfriend in that area as well.

We met them in ‘ Β De Lage VuurscheΒ ‘Β area and went for a walk and then sat down for a coffee at a little restaurant there, trying to get in all of our visits pre move.

Why are espresso cups so small? *she asks herself with a deep inner sadness*
Just because its strong coffee, does not mean I don’t want a lot of it!

In between our enjoyable time with them and conversation, we were dealing with a bit of stress over some apartment sale dealings.
The buyers loan was in question and though we knew it would work out as it should, mixed with other aspects of the day it wasn’t a great thing to hear 😏

From there we all went over to see Oma and Opa Hagenouw for a while 😊
Catching up before saying goodbye since we probably wouldn’t be seeing them again before all of our upcoming trips/move.

To add to our day, during the drive back to the apartment, Mike got a call from the owner of the previous car Mike had bought and sold.
He was angrily telling Mike he wanted a wooden necklace back that had been in the car and Mike ‘had better have it or else’, and then he hung up the phone.
Later texting Mike and telling him he’d better enjoy his life while he could because he was going to make it hard etc. etc.
Said necklace was disposed of over a month ago when Mike bought and then cleaned out the car.
Usually when someone sells a vehicle they A: clean it out a bit and B: may remember a special item in less than a months time?
But whatever πŸ’πŸ»

We took Amy back to her house and visited with Erwin and Sarah for a little bit before calling it a night and going to crash at the apartment.
Pj’s and comfort food were calling.

I blogged and relaxed, Mike was a dear and went to the store to get me popcorn and then we watched a movie together, munching popcorn, chips and pomelo.
Let no one say we don’t eat heathy, we had corn, potatoes AND fruit πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We were more than ready for bedtime once it came (post mom and dad FaceTime), happy to put the day behind us and thankful that we have so many more good days then bad❀

Sunday Feb 26th-

That morning I awoke not feeling too fabulous and the thought of an hours drive and not getting back to the apartment until late afternoon didn’t sound appealing in the least.

Mike went to church and I ended up sleeping another two hours before making myself get out of bed.

The coffee was brewed, a sermon put on to listen to and paints brought out completed my morning.

After which began the task of preparing for Mother’s arrival the next day 😊

I cleaned the apartment thoroughly and made (the very annoying to make) guest bed.
Laundry was all caught up on, including all the random couch blanketsπŸ˜‹
Nothing like a mom coming to get your house in order πŸ˜‰

I still wasn’t feeling the best, so a nap was needed.
(Really though, when ISN’T a nap needed?πŸ˜‰).

After the nap I began making chilli so we’d have something easy to prepare the next day as I didn’t know how everyone would feel post travel/when we’d be back to the apartment etc.

The chilli was tested for my supper and raspberries and cream eaten for dessert.

Mike was off gallivanting, taking advantage of a day without me trying to drag him back to the apartment πŸ˜‰
Plus he knew I’d be busy anyways, so he got to enjoy some cousin time and didn’t end up coming back to the apartment until late that night.

Which gave me time for a FaceTime with the sister and bro in law πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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Hello humans 😊 This is where you learn about me I suppose, though anyone reading this right now most likely knows all the boring details ;) I am Jessica Rose Peters-Hagenouw. (Always thought I'd be able to pronounce my married name but hey, life doesn't go as we plan.) June 11, 1995, tis the day Robert and Bonnie Peters received the most adorable, amazing, wonderful, surprise 3rd child they could have dreamed of. Speaking of being the third child, I have an older brother and an older sister. Both of whom are married and have wee little families of their own, making 'Aunty Jess' another name I go by. I grew up and have lived all of my years up till November 2015 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Making summers that are extremely short and winters that never end, vast open spaces, northern lights, unthinkable amounts of mosquitoes, lakes, forests and people waving to you on the grid road all different things that mean = Home. But Home is not where I'll be for some time. My husband is a Dutchman, living in Europe. Therefore I too have been living in Europe for the last few months. The reason I started this little blog/journal/writing thing, is to document a bit of my "whole new world," for those at home who wont be awake at 3:00 am wanting to hear about how I couldn't find flour at the grocery store. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my little life 😊

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