The Beginnings Of An Ending

Saturday March 11th –

I hadn’t went into ‘Tout Patisserie’ the day before, but Mom and Mike thought of me and purchased a pretty, lemon meringue tart πŸ‹πŸ’•


Mom and I shared it for breakfast and my only regret was that I hadn’t tried one from there, sooner πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
A very lemony (though real lemon flavour, not fakey) creamy filling was inside of a slightly sweet crumb like crust, topped with charred meringue 😍

So tasty 😁
(My mouth literally started watering while I wrote about it 😜)

My #AlphaGetToKnowMe writing/illustrations were getting behind so the rest of my morning was spent trying to write one out.
Taking much more time then I had hoped πŸ™„

 I then began making banana chocolate chip muffins.
Slow but sure the freezer is emptying πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Mike had been helping out the grandparents that morning but when he returned, we gathered up our things and left for Doesburg to have loempia’s for lunch.

We plan on buying frozen ones before leaving for Canada 😎😜

We wandered around town a bit, stopping in at the art store and a few other shops before dropping Mom off at Inge’s so they could go for a bike ride while Mike and I took care of some apartment paperwork.

After about an hour of me sitting and trying not to seem totally uninterested/fall asleep while Dutch paperwork was read, we headed over to Oma’s and had a quick coffee before bringing down a wooden trunk we will fill with our house stuff and ship to Canada.
Once it was out of the attic and in the daylight, Mike read ‘rocket ammunition, explosive projectiles’ written the side of it.
Hoping Canada lets it in πŸ˜‹

Mother was retrieved, a quick grocery stop and then I began making supper back at the apartment.

A made up Sun-dried tomato dressing was prepared for our pasta, chicken fried up and garlic bread baked off.

I had too many noodles and too much chicken, so a pot of chicken noodle soup was quickly thrown together to have on hand.

We’d been having a lot of pasta and soup of late… somehow it seems like that’s most of what our pantry/freezer stock includes.
Mike is looking forward to a day when meatier meals return 😜

The banana chocolate chip muffins needed to be finished baking, as one, 6 muffin tray at a time hadn’t allowed me to bake them all that morning.

Once kitchen duties were finally done with, macaroons and coffee were sat down with and blogging worked on until bedtime πŸ’•

Sunday March 12th –

I was up early, because the newly awakened spring birds were up too 😏

The sun was a pretty pink coming up and it was probably one of the last morning sunrises I’ll see from the apartment.

(New cup from the previous days shoppingπŸ˜‰πŸ’•)

We all got ourselves ready for church, sipping coffee, munching on warmed up muffins and fruit Mom had cut up and gathering a few items of ours that Judith would be inheriting πŸ˜‹

After church, multiple well wishes were sent our way, as it had been announced that we’d be moving soon.
( I missed the announcement due to fixing the translation on the headphones, so I was little confused come the first few fair-wells and best wishes after church πŸ˜‹)
Mom was able to put some faces to names we often mention and then we went over to Judith’s.

Upon request (we are spoiled by our sisters here😬) duck was the lunch menu πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ¦†

It was delicious, roast duck in a brown gravy/wine sauce with figs, potatoes and a warm beat salad.
Once again, I ate too much and the walk to the chair out on the patio seemed much too far πŸ˜‰

Lucky for me, the service there was excellent and I didn’t have to get up again, having a blanket and coffee brought right to me πŸ˜β˜•οΈ

Our other siblings were there as well and the afternoon was spent as one would expect, visiting, coffee drinking, sweet eating and child observing etc. πŸ™‚

During the drive back to the house a Lamborghini was spotted juuust pre nap πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

That evening the packing began…
De- assembling the appartement, going through cupboards and drawers.
Throwing out, folding, measuring, weighing and packing.

Mike doing the brunt of the work and me feeling super unsettled by the mess and work of fitting everything into the trunks for Canada, while also trying to pack for our South Africa trip.
Trying to keep in mind the reason behind it all and being thankful for a husband who willingly does it all❀

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Hello humans 😊 This is where you learn about me I suppose, though anyone reading this right now most likely knows all the boring details ;) I am Jessica Rose Peters-Hagenouw. (Always thought I'd be able to pronounce my married name but hey, life doesn't go as we plan.) June 11, 1995, tis the day Robert and Bonnie Peters received the most adorable, amazing, wonderful, surprise 3rd child they could have dreamed of. Speaking of being the third child, I have an older brother and an older sister. Both of whom are married and have wee little families of their own, making 'Aunty Jess' another name I go by. I grew up and have lived all of my years up till November 2015 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Making summers that are extremely short and winters that never end, vast open spaces, northern lights, unthinkable amounts of mosquitoes, lakes, forests and people waving to you on the grid road all different things that mean = Home. But Home is not where I'll be for some time. My husband is a Dutchman, living in Europe. Therefore I too have been living in Europe for the last few months. The reason I started this little blog/journal/writing thing, is to document a bit of my "whole new world," for those at home who wont be awake at 3:00 am wanting to hear about how I couldn't find flour at the grocery store. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my little life 😊

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