The Love Smorgasbord

Happy Valentine’s Day ☺💕💌



Mike and I are the worst gift keepers ever… if we have a gift or know of a gift someone else has for us, we don’t wait well 😜

So in true ‘us’ fashion, we gave each other our gifts early 😉


Mike got me a sweet little charm for my Pandora bracelet.



Me. You. Forever.
With a little heart on the back and a bit of sparkle ☺💕👌🏻



I got a shirt made for him with a custom design, listing all the places we’ve traveled together and I plan to get a matching one once I find a shirt😜





We were both pleased and the heavy burden of keeping wrapped gifts, lifted 😂



In honour of love day…I am sharing a little smorgasbord of things that I’ve been loving of late 😁




I keep a small tube of coconut oil in the bathroom and apply to problem breakout areas in the morning or before bed, to help speed up healing time and get scarring under control a lot faster.
I’ve really found it helps clear up the after effects of a person who can’t NOT pick 😬🙈


A dollar store toothbrush is the perfect hack to get little wispy hairs to stay in place! I seen it used in a hair tutorial video and figured it was worth a shot.
Just brush back the hairs that are to little/short to pin and say goodbye to those pesky short hairs that make it look like you’ve got awkward lady sideburns! 😜👌🏻



Now, who doesn’t like whiter teeth and fresher breath? 😏
Everyone does.
Especially when you’re the person talking to a person with some rancid happenings going on in there 🤢

Anyways, I bring this up because my sister introduced me to a new toothpaste.


‘My Magic Mud, Whitening Toothpaste’.

I’d heard of using activated charcoal to whiten teeth but didn’t have the desire to spend the money to ‘test it’.
After I tried my sisters cinnamon clove flavoured paste, I was in love 😄
Well, as much in love with toothpaste as a person who isn’t a chronic brusher can be 😉

I liked the flavour, definitely there but not overpowering and though you look like a crazed person while brushing and learn that your spit goes a lot more places than you realize, it leaves teeth noticeably whiter and mouth much fresher 👌🏻😬


Find it here -> My Magic Mud



Before you go to brushing your teeth though, I’d advise eating a stroopwafle or thirty.
I’m not just saying this because my husband sells these cookies… because even if he wasn’t selling them we’d be paying for extra suitcases when traveling to and from Europe, so our morning coffees could be accompanied by these perfect sweet morsels.


The hint of sweet and slight crunch, perfectly warmed over your morning coffee, light but just enough to fill until you decide to have an actual meal or just the right sweet treat post a meal…or anywhere in-between.


Find them here -> Double Dutch Cookies


To have the cookie, it’s best enjoyed with coffee 😉
We’ve really enjoyed our Ninja Coffee Bar (which we managed to buy on sale thankfully 😜 ).

It’s got a fairly nice look to it, the shapely pot giving it some class so it’s not an eye sore out on your counter 😉
It has a built-in milk frother, single cup brewing and some special features we’ve yet to even use, iced coffee being one!
(Starbucks dark roast is our go to bean ☕☕☕)



Also, espresso for those pick me ups post the naps that went on too long 😉👌🏻


We got our espresso pot in Italy…but Winners typically has some, (as well as those little espresso cups) though I suggest going to Italy to get your own 😜



The mint oil I got from Prairie Oils and Vinegars while in Manitoba, has been PERFECT for making virgin mojitos during this winter time when mint leaves aren’t all that easily attained! 🌿
It has such a nice, strong minty flavour and I’m so happy to have found it 💕


I think it will be a nice touch to fresh juices as well🍹


Oil here -> Mint Oil

Recipe here -> Mojito Sounds Cooler



This Corningware casserole set!
I got them as a wedding shower gift and hate to admit it but I have no recollection of who gifted them to us 😬
If YOU were that person, thank you again 🤩  I’m not even 100% sure what the appeal of them is, just that it’s for sure there 😂 They wash out easily, are solid but not a gazillion pounds and the dark blue one has really low sides, which I haven’t seen before but actually love to use.




Lastly, Pura Vida bracelets, they are simple, durable, suited to all and I have a coupon for you to use! Apply JEMSTORYPV at checkout for 20% off 😁



Shop bracelets here -> Pura Vida Bracelets


I’ve wore mine a lot and in all conditions and it’s held up super well and now my husband is wearing one too 😉
Also, aren’t the little wee baby ones super cute for a unique baby/niece/nephew gift? ☺💕


And there you have it, some of my favourites as of right now ☺

Hopefully you found something that can become a love of yours and may you have a splendid Valentine’s Day!

(Is there something YOU think others should know about? If so, leave it in a comment 😉)

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