Five Senses Satisfied

Thursday March 1st - After a sliver of the lemon meringue tart from Eva’s for breakfast (which was delicious 🤤) we and my sister and her littles headed off to explore the small but sufficient town of Cedar City.   We perused through three stores that were joined together, two of which held many a [...]

Specimens, In And Out Of The Zoo

Saturday Nov 18th - Mike was feeling even worse, having been up throughout the night and serenading us with songs of the sickly that morning 😬 There was a big christmas craft fair going on in Hilo and Mom wanted to go to it, so the sister and I tagged along. Mike decided to come [...]

‘Hāpuna’ Matata

Thursday Nov 16th - We were getting tired of the dreary weather this side of the island, so that morning we decided it would be worth the two-hour drive across to the Kona side to get some sunshine, beach and ocean 💕🌊☀️ Dad hadn't been feeling top-notch, so he decided to stay back and Mike [...]

A Non Computing Culinary Council

Tuesday June 13th - An utterly pointless day 🙄 Mom was heading into town for a short stint, so I decided it would be a good time to go along and do some Internet things/phone updates at the library, since our internet is awful out in the country. After sitting there for a few minutes, [...]

Fond Adieu’s And Forthcoming Hello’s

Wednesday March 15th - It had been a very restless night for Mike and I. Thinking of all that needing doing and what would be happening in a matter of hours. I got up around 6:30 am, giving up on the idea of sleep and I got myself ready so that was done with. We [...]